Our Fabric Suppliers

Fabrics GoldenWant to look through some fabrics? We have a large selection of fabrics that you can look through in our shop. In addition you can search through many thousands of various types of fabric on this website from from the comfort of your home. Here we have the fabric collections of many of our uphostery suppliers. 

To begin your search: click on the thumbnail pictures of our fabric supplier websites below. A new window will pop up for each suppler. When you are finished looking through those fabrics, close that window and you will be brought back here. Then try another.

In addition, below are the same links to our suppliers as those above. Each of these suppliers have pictures of many of their fabrics on their websites.

As you look through the fabrics, write down the color and pattern of any fabrics you like and give us that information. We can give you prices and also fabric swatches.

Our Upholstery Suppliers
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Charlotte Fabrics
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    Mosehart-Schleeter Fabrics
 Greenhouse Fabrics
High-End Fabrics
  Rex Pegg Fabrics
Silver State Fabrics    
DuraLee Fabrics
High End Fabrics
  Barrow Fabrics
High-End Fabrics
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**RMU (Retail Mark Up surcharge is the same amount as the COM charge. See Using COM) It costs money to operate a business, to pay rent, utilities, advertising, workers, etc. The Retail Mark Up portion of the sale of fabrics subsidizes part of the labor  costs and helps to pay part of our operating expenses. Most fabrics are quoted and sold at regular retail, which includes a standard RMU for the retail business that sells the products. This is a normal part of standard business practices and economics. However, some fabric suppliers list the prices on the webpages at the wholesale or sale prices of the fabrics, which do not include any RMU for the upholsterer. In these cases, those fabrics will be surcharged a RMU fee. (Usually at least $15 or more per yard, depending on the fabric or the job)