Upholstery Pricing Options

Pricing Options

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Labor Prices are generally based upon:

  • Condition: How good of shape the furniture is in. Is the frame solid? Are the Springs in good conditions? What condition is the padding in?
  • The Style: Is it a plain simple style or is it more complicated, such as, does it have attached pillow arms, lots of buttons, channels on the inside back or arms.
  • Service Option Chosen: Basic Upholstery, Deluxe Upholstery, etc. (see below)

Basic Upholstery

The basic cost upholstery service is a good choice for most simple furniture that is in good condition and just needs the cover changed. This service involves taking the old cover off the furniture, adding padding as needed, and putting on the new cover. If you desire more than a cover change, or if your furniture is more complicated, other options are also available.

Deluxe Upholstery

The many options of the Deluxe Upholstery can be customized to your needs and desires. After the cover is off, we do an inspection of the condition, quality, type of your frame, springs, and padding. We notify you if find that additional work needs to be done.

The cost varies according to several factors, including how many extra options and supplies are ordered, and how much work needs to be done. Choose from among the various options:

  • Retie or replace seat springs
  • Tighten joints
  • Replace all support linings.
  • Use same padding, but add more
  • Replace all padding
  • Match patterns
  • Alter or repair the frame
  • Custom fit to your size


To get an estimate, your best way is to take pictures of your furniture and email them to use. If you can't get pictures to use, then click on the picture and look at the furniture styles in the pdf attachment (You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to see the pictures)


Why do different upholsterers charge different prices?


Each upholsterer has his own specialties, those things that he likes to do and that he does the best. He will stock the materials and supplies for those specialties, as well as for the type of jobs that he does the most. For jobs that he doesn't do very often, he may have to order in special supplies. which will add to the cost. In addition, for these latter jobs it may take him more time, and thus a higher cost, than the types of jobs he specializes in.

Quality verus Speed and Price

Some upholsterers focus on quality, and thus spend a lot more time at each stage. He stocks and uses high quality supplies and foam. He checks over the frame, padding and structure. He takes care in every movement to do quality work. If he makes a mistake, he takes the time to take it loose and do it the right way.


Some upholsterers focus on doing the job fast and keeping the cost down. He uses low cost materials and does everything with the mindset of finding the quickest way and lowest cost way to do something. If he makes a mistake, he may just leave it (unless it is really bad).

What do you want?

There are clients who want a high quality job, the quality of the workmanship is more important to them than the cost. There are other clients who just want it done cheap. They don't care if there are little imperfections, as long as they have a new cover.


There is a place for each type of client and each type of upholsterer. The important thing is  that there is a good match up between the type of upholsterer and the type of client.


What does the price include?

When you get an estimate from an upholsterer, find out what the estimate includes. Get it in writing. Some upholsterersmay say, "the price includes everything." But, unless it is clearly spelled out, how do you know what you will actually be getting?

For example, the upholsterer might plan on just wrapping the existing cushion fill, while the client might expect all the cushion fill to be replaced with new.

Some upholsterers may cover right over the old cover, some may only remove the old cover and cover over the existing padding. OThers may strip the frame down to the bare wood and replace all the padding. To be sure, some furniture only needs the cover changed, while others may need to be completely rebuilt.

When you are comparing estimates, find out details what each upholsterer will be doing for the quoted price. Don't settle for vague explanations like, "it covers everything." You should always discuss with the upholsterer exactly what he will be doing and what the estimate includes.


Pricing: Estimate and Work Order

We strive to give an accurate price quote before we start any job. Prior to writing an estimate, we carefully inspect the condition of the furniture, assess the suitability and affects of the chosen fabric, present our findings, suggest possible choices, and ask about your concerns and expectations. Based upon this interaction, we try toQB Work Order clearly specify, on our estimate or work order, the services and materials that we will supply, and the associated charges for each of these. If we suspect that extra work or additional materials may be necessary, we also note this on the work order.
Before we begin your job, we write out a detailed work order, specifying what we will do, and the associated charges for each item.

No costs will be added without your prior approval. Similarly, if the you request changes, before proceeding with the work, we will assess what additional work or supplies that may be needed and then discuss any price changes with you.




For Information about Getting an Estimate, click here.