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    1. Cushion covers only

When you order RV cushions from us, you may either order just the covers and you purchase the foam elsewhere, or you may purchase the complete cushions, the fabric cover and the foam, from us.

Shipping Covers only

If you purchase just the custom-made covers, then the cost of shipping is very minimal in comparison. All we are shipping is just the fabric cover.

To measure the size:

For us to make your RV cushions the correct size, you must either ship one of each size to us, or you need to measure them for us. To get a good fit, you need to give us very accurate measurements. This article will tell you how to measure the cushions.

RV dinetteLet us Spruce up your RV


with New RV Cushion Covers

Made To Fit Your Old Cushions Using 54” Wide Fabric.

High Quality Workmanship By Artistic Craftsmen:

RV Cushions

Prices below are our local labor only prices (when you use our fabric) for making the covers from one fabric in our most common standard plain rectangular style (without cording).....