Pick Up & Delivery


Free Pick Up & Delivery?

You often hear about or see adds for various products or services offering free pick up and delivery.

We do not offer free pickup and delivery because there is no such thing. The cost of the vehicle to transport your furniture and the operating expenses are not free. Someone pays for the vehicle, the insurance and it's expenses The person who is driving the vehicle to transport your furniture does not work for free. Someone pays his wages. Who do you think pays the cost of these things?

The main two ways to give a client "free" pickup and delivery is to either include it in the cost of the job or to lower the cost of doing the job. So, in other words, to give you this free service the price of the reupholstery job has to be raised. The other option to lower the cost of the job is to reduce the quality of the materials and the workmanship.

We choose not to hide the tranportion cost, but instead to give you choices. We itemize our charges, and you decide what you want. This allows you to chose to save money or to have those special services.