Treasured Memories

You stand looking at grandma's beloved old rocking chair, dilapitated and threadbare. The springs are hanging out the bottom, the soiled cotton padding is peeking through the cover in a number spots. The wood frame is wobbly and you are afraid to sit in it any more. The finish on the wooden arms is worn through to the bare wood. Yet you don't see those ..... As you look at the rocker you see your grandma sitting in that beloved rocker ..... holding you as a child in her arms rocking you to sleep. You dream of your home, roasting marshmellows over the fire. You feel warm and loved.

Then another memory comes, that of the bedtime stories

"...... Honey, do you want me to read you a story?" she asks, her eyes filled with love.

"Will you read to me about Christopher Robin?" you request.

"Could you bring the book to me, it's over on that table." She points, her eyes peering over her glasses. "It's by that fruit dish."

Hurrying over to the table, your eyes quickly scan the table for your beloved book. There it is! Grabbing it you hug it in your arms as you skip over to grandma and land in her lap amist her outstretched arms. Plop!!
You see her holding you as she reads your favorite story, for the umteenth time. Her warm embraces and kisses can no longer be yours. But you do have her old rocking chair. Oh the memories that flood out at you. What wouldn't you give just to have grandma hold you again. That's not possible here on earth, but you do have her old rocker. But it looks so tattered that you wouldn't dare put it in the house. Need it be confined to the garage, or attic, until it rots away? What if Grandma's rocker could be given new life? What if you and the family could enjoy it again? What if you could hold your babies in your arms, rocking them to sleep in grandma's rocker?


....... more to be added ..........