Fabric Repairs


Repairing Damage to the Fabric Cover

Type of Damage

  1. The seams have come loose, none of the fabric is ripped.
  2. The fabric has unravelled at the seam.
  3. There is a hole or rip in the middle of a fabric section.

Repair Methods.

For seams that have come loose (unsewn)

  1. For loose cushions we unstuff the cushions and sew the loose seam on the sewing machine and sew it up, then restuff.
  2. For loose seams that are attached to the frame,

    Repair Methods.

    we have these choices

    1. hand sew up the loose seams
    2. OR take the fabric off the furniture, resew on the sewing machine, then reattach to the furniture.

If the seams have unraveled

(information to be added later)

For holes in the middle of a fabric section

  1. Handsew a patch** on top of the damage (the patches would show, but might be less obtrusive than the damaged areas). This would require that you have some matching fabric**

  2. B.)Take the sofa almost completely apart to be able to take the damage area of. Then un-stuff the pillows, take the seams apart to replace the front/top panel. After sewing the top panel in the cushions, re-stuff and reattach to sofa, reassemble all the pieces. Labor on this, perhaps $350* to $450* plus the cost of any additional materials**

*does not include transportation charges.


**Do you have any more of the fabric that matches the sofa? (arm covers, throw pillows, etc.) Trying to find an exact match is not likely. Sometimes you can get more of the fabric by going through the store where you purchased the sofa. If you don't have or can't get more of the matching fabric, then your choices are:


  1. Use the fabric off the back of the sofa to repair the inside back, and then put some other fabric on the sofa back.

  2. Use some fabric that might be close or would contrast with the existing fabric.


  3. You could get some fabric from a local fabric store - OR
  4. You could bring a cushion into our shop so that you could match the color as you looked through all of our sample books
  5. You could go to the fabric page of our website, click on the links to our fabric suppliers and then look through all the available fabrics on their websites. As you find possible fabrics, For each fabric you find, give us the pattern, color, and number (if any), (and, if possible, also copy the URL address from the web browser). We can then contact the fabric supplier and have them send fabric samples to us or you.