How to Measure an RV Cushion

To measure the size:

For us to make your RV cushions the correct size, you must either ship one of each size to us, or you need to measure them for us. To get a good fit, you need to give us very accurate measurements. This article will tell you how to measure the cushions.

Determing Fit:

imageBefore you measure the cushiions, put all of the cushions in place. Now check how they fit. Are the cushions too tight? Are they too loose? Do the cushions currently fit their location? Measuring the cushions for us will only work if the cushions are the correct size for where  they fit. Assuming that they are the right size, we'll now proceed.

To measure the size of a cushion, we'll start with measuring the width and length.

  1. width and length. Measure between the vertical corner seams (see lines AB & BC.) Measure seam to seam.
  2. If measuring folding cushions, give us the overall length across both sections, plus where the seam is located. Give us the measurement from both sides.




Determining Cushion Thickness

To determine the thickness of the foam inside the cushions, first, unzip the cushion and see if it has any pillow wrap (a white fluffy stuff) on the top and bottom of the cushion. (most RV cushions do not have any, the only thing in the cushion cover is foam.) Assuming that there is no pillow wrap inside the cushion cover, measure the cushion thickness like this:

  1. Lay the cushion on a hard surface, such as the kitchen or a hardwood floor.
  2. Lay a ruler or straight edge on top of the cushion so that it hang over the edge of the cushion by several inches.
  3. Measure the distance from the under side of the cushion to the floor.
  4. Although all RV cushions are generally the same thickness, don’t assume that. Measure each cushion type to verify thickness.



Note, if there is pillow wrap inside the cover, then measure the edge of the foam. Measure the edge of the foam in some area where the foam is not mashed down, usually at the back of the cushion. Bring the edge of the foam out of cushion enough so that you can get a full height measurement.