Ordering Your Upholstery Work

What is the process of ordering your upholstery work?

  1. First the client contacts us for a quote. With modern furniture we can often often give a rough quote over the phone. To receive a more accurate estimate, email us some pictures, or bring the furniture by our shop. 
  2. Choose your fabrics from our samples in our shop or on this website (Our Fabric Suppliers). (If you will be supplying your own fabric, read this page: Customer's Own Material)
  3. When have seen your furniture, by picture or in person, and you have chosen your fabric, then we can give you a price (you are under no obligation to make a decision right then. Many of our clients may take several days or longer to decide.
  4. If you decide to go ahead, we will write up a work order, which we can create while you are here, or we can email the Work Order to you. To order the job we require your signature on the Work Order and a 1/2 deposit.
  5. Once you have given us a signed Work Order with the 1/2 deposit we put you on our Job Schedule (Work Flow).
  6. If the job includes us ordering fabric, we'll check stock on the fabric while you wait (it's early enough in the day) Otherwise we'll check stock on the fabric the same time we order it on the next business day)
  7. Once the availability of the material is confirmed we'll order the fabric. Unless the fabric is back-ordered, it usually arrives in a week or two. When it arrives we put it on our shelf, where it stays until we do your job.
  8. We prefer not to have your furniture in our shop until just prior to our working on your furniture. (There can be exceptions to this rule if needed.)
  9. Depending upon how far out we are booked there could be a month to several months or more between the time the work is ordered and when we start working on your furniture.
  10. Next, we have to work through all the jobs that are in front of your job.
  11. When we are ready for your furniture, we contact you to make arrangements to get your furniture into our shop.
  12. When the job is finished, we'll call you and make arrangements for you to get your furniture.
  13. The balance of the job is due when the job is finished.