Does Your Wood Need Refinishing?

 Is the finish on the wood  trim of your upholstered furniture worn, scratched, or disfigured? We don't do refinishing, but we do work with furniture refinishers to bring your furniture back to a pleasing finish.


Here as some of your options:

Complete refinishing

 (Yet to be written)

Saving the old finish.

If you have an antique or other older piece, where the finish is tarnished or worn' and are considering restoring the original finish instead of refinishing it, read this article about the pros and cons: Saving the Finish.


Recommend Furniture Refinishing Shops

We regularly work with, and recommend:

The Woodsmith's Furniture Shop
611 9th St NW, Salem, OR 97304
(503) 363-1122
 Click for map and directions to the Woodsmith's Furniture Shop