Upholstery Process

Basic Upholstery

The basic upholstery service is a good choice for most simple furniture that is in good condition and just needs the cover changed. This service involves taking the old cover off the furniture, adding padding as needed, and putting on the new cover. If you desire more than a cover change.... or if your furniture is more complicated, other options are also available.

Deluxe & Optional Upholstery Services

The many options of the Deluxe Upholstery can be customized to your needs and desires. After the cover is off, we do an inspection of the condition, quality, type of your frame, springs, and padding. We notify you if find that additional work needs to be done.
The cost varies according to several factors, including how many extra options and supplies are ordered, and how much work needs to be done. Choose from among the various options:

  • Retie or replace seat springs
  • Tighten joints
  • Replace all support linings.
  • Use same padding, but add more
  • Replace all padding
  • Match patterns
  • Alter or repair the frame
  • Custom fit to your size

We Can Make It More Comfortable

We can change many things to make it more comfortable for you. As an example of just a few of the available choices, we can provide these additional services:

  • Change cushion foam to firmer or softer
  • Use thicker or thinner foam
  • Add seat springs to make the seat firmer
  • Make your seat higher or lower
  • Using taller or shorter legs
  • Adding lumber to the frame
  • We can custom fit your furniture to your size


In addition to the other types of alterations available, we can alter the size, shape, and padding of your furniture to make it better fit you. This involves us measuring you as you sit in your chair, where to place the buttons, adding padding and shaping it to fit your back. This can also involve other alterations to the frame or springs.

Repair Frame or Springs

In addition to re-gluing, repairing or replacing any broken or weak sections, we can repair or replace most broken or damaged springs. Figure 3 shows a set of springs that needs to be retied; the jute spring-twine and the jute webbing are worn out causing the springs to be unusable.
Figure 4, shows the same springs after they have been retied. The springs in the back were also retied, as the picture shows.

Alterations: Change Style or Size

We can alter the frame, springs and padding of your furniture to make it more comfortable or to give it a different shape or appearance.
Figures 5, 6, & 7 Show a large recliner that we rebuilt to a smaller size. Pictures show the size and condition before, the frame before and after it was rebuilt, and the finished recliner.
We can make the furniture:

  1. Higher or lower
  2. Shorter or deeper
  3. Smaller or bigger
  4. Change seat cushions
  5. Change size or thickness
  6. Firmer or softer
  7. Make more or less cushions
  8. Make the arms: Firmer or Softer, Wider or Narrower
  • Round or Square
  • Flat or Slanted
  • Make the back
  • Higher or Lower
  • Softer or firmer
  • Have more cushioning, or less
  • Add or Remove wings
  • Perform other customer work or alterations

Repairs & Alterations without Reupholstery

Is your furniture in good shape, except it just needs a few repairs or changes? Without replacing the fabric cover we can:

  • Add or Replace Padding
  • Repair or replace cushions or springs
  • Repair or alter the wood frames
  • Sew up loose seams
  • Do miscellaneous repairs