How The Process Works


Here is the way that our upholstery job process works.
  1. First you send us all the information and pictures that we need.
    1. If you have not already done so, read this page: How to Get an Estimate.
    2. To send pictures, read this article: Taking Pictures for an Estimate.
  2. Then I give you an estimate with some options.
  3. If the estimate is acceptable, then you would need to chose your fabric
    1. You can either come into our shop to look through our samples - or -
    2. You can look through fabrics online here: Our Upholstery Suppliers.
    3. Once you find a fabric, or fabrics, that you like, then sampled of those fabric could be sent to you.
  4. Once you have chosen a fabric, We would contact the fabric supplier to verify they have enough of that fabric.
  5. Then we would make out a work order and send it to you.
  6. Upon receiving the work order, you would examine it to see it everything is as you expect.
  7. Next, you would sign the work order and mail it back to us, or bring it to us, with a deposit.
  8. After we receive your signed work order and deposit
    1. We put you on our job schedule (work flow)
    2. We contact the fabric supplier and check stock on the fabric as we order it.
    3. At an appropriate time we order any other supplies that may be needed for your job.
  9. Most of the time the supplier has the fabric in stock and they send it right out to us. In this case the fabric usually arrives at our shop in about a week or so.
    1. Occasionally either the supplier doesn't stock the fabric so they have to order it from their supplier. In this case it might take a week or two weeks, or possibly a little longer
    2. Also on occasion the fabric may be back ordered. This means that our supplier has sold all of their stock of that fabric and is waiting for it to come from their supplier or the manufacturer. In this case it could take anywhere from a couple weeks to a few months to get the fabric.
    3. If we know that the fabric is back ordered for any significant amount of time, we would let you know of the delay. You could then choose to wait for the fabric or choose another fabric.
    4. In most situations, even if the fabric has been back ordered or otherwise delayed, it usually arrives at our shop long before we are ready to do the job anyway.
  10. Once we receive your material we put it on our shelf until we are ready to do the job.
  11. Then it is just a matter of waiting until we work through all the jobs ahead of your job, which is usually quite a few months.
  12. Once we are ready to do your job we contact you and let you know what we are ready for your job.
  13. At this point you would bring your furniture into our shop.
    1. If you have a large job that will take a lot time, we may require another installment at this time.
  14. If after your furniture comes into the shop we have questions or concerns, we would call you and discuss them with you.
    1. For Instance, if there are extra services or repairs that are required or recommended  to do your job, we would contact you and let you know of the situation and any associated extra charges.
  15. Once the job is finished we would contact you and let you know
  16. Then you would come get your job and pay the balance by either an approved check, cashier's check, money order or cash. We are not set up to accept payment by credit card or debit card.