Slipcovers or Reupholstery?

Should you have your furniture reupholstered or slipcovered?

It depends on the condition of your furniture and on your own desires and wishes

If your furniture is in good condition

If your furniture is in good condition, making a slipcover could be a good choice. It gives you a second color, so that you can take the slipcover off and on depending upon the season or at your whim. Or, if you have a sentimental sofa or chair, a slipcover can be an excellent way to preserve the original furniture.

If your furniture is old and nearly worn out

To buy a slipcover will cover up the old fabric and make it look better, for time. However, if it has been many years since the sofa or chair has been recovered, the padding, the foam and the fabric will still be old and worn out underneath the slipcover. The foam and the padding will continue to break down underneath the slipcover. The slipcover will only be hiding a worn out piece of furniture.
Does it make sense to put all that money into a custom slipcover while leaving to old chair as it is? In this case we’d recommend putting your money into rebuilding/reupholstering the sofa or chair so that it will be like new again.