RV Cushion Completion Times

Spring and Summer means Traveling and RVing time

When Spring and Summer come around people start to look over their RV's and motor homes. Sometimes they even wait until they are about to leave on their trip before they have a look at the condition of their RV upholstery. We've even had some people call us and ask if they can have their RV cushions done by the weekend.

When is the best time to order your cushions?

January, February, & March are the best time to order your cushions/covers. This is usually way before people have their trips or camping planned. We usually have less work to do during this time of the year, when means we can give you a quicker turnaround time. It gives us time to order the fabrics, foam (if needed) and other supplies and to work the jobs in front of your job.

How long will it take?

Please look at this page: Job Completion Times and this page: Rush Jobs.

We are just a small custom shop. We make up upholstery projects in a wide variety of fabrics and other materials. Our suppliers are located all over rthe nation. Fortunately, some of our fabric supplies are in our part of the country. 

When you order some upholstery cushions or covers, this is what has to happen. Once we receive the deposit we order the fabric from the supplier. this can take anywheres from a couple days to a week. Once we receive the fabric we have the other jobs that were ordered before your job to work through. Depending upon the time of the year and how many jobs we have ordered, it can take us anywhere between a couple weeks to several months. 

After this, depending upon the size of your job, to do your cushion job can take anywhere from a couple days to a week or more to do your job.

Note, if we give you an approximate completion time when we give you an estimate, this time could change if other jobs come into our shop between the time we give you the estimate and the time you actually place the order. So, it you need the job done quickly, don't delay in telling us that you wish to proceed.