Right of Refusal

We reserve the right to refuse to do any jobs or to work for any clients without cause.

Some of the reasons that we may refuse to do a job is:

  • The piece of furniture may contaminate our shop or other furniture in our shop:
    • The furniture may have an infestation of rodents, bugs or other.
    • The furniture may have a strong smell or odor
  • The frame of the furniture may be beyond repair
    • The wood may be rotten
    • The joints of the frame may be severely broken up beyond our ability to repair it.
  • The chosen fabric may be not suitable for upholstery.

Some of the reasons that we may refuse to do work for a client. The principle reason(s) that we might refuse to work for any particular client would because of current or past behavior.

  • We consider the client to be unreasonable.
  • The client has not paid us in the past.
    • The client has bounced a check in the past and has not made it good.
    • The client took the furniture without paying for it.

If we refuse to do the work for any client, a partial or full refund will be issued in accordance with our Cancellation and Refunds Policy.