Rush Jobs

Some people need a job done quickly or by a specific date. Here are some of the other factors involved in a Rush Job.

  • To take on a Rush job, I either have to push back the estimated completion dates for all the other jobs I'm doing (which means that the other clients won't get their furnisture as soon) OR I have to work more hours each day.

  • A Rush job is defined as any job needed by a specific date (usually very quickly). A Super Rush job is one where I have to stop my current project, do the Super Rush Job, and then go back to that current job.
  • I often have a number of jobs booked ahead. Each job takes me from a couple days to a week or two, depending upon the size of the job.

  • I have time in between each job when I clean up and have table space to work on Rush Jobs. If I try to do a Rush job while I'm in the midst of another job, then I have to move everything from my current job aside and work on the filler job.

  • Then, when I try to get back to the job that I was on before I interrupted it, I often don't remember where I was and have to take some time getting organized. I also have to restack all the pieces back together. In other words, when I interrupt the job I'm on to try to work in a Super Rush job, it can cost me some hours of work to get everything organized again, and I have lost my train of thought.
  • I say all this to get to this point. I rarely interrupt a job because of all the extra time and work it costs me. In order for a Rush job to work in a timely manner, I need to have all the fabrics (if any) and supplies on hand and ready to go way ahead of time. That way, when I finish the current job I can do the Rush job in between jobs and thus not mess up something that I'm in the middle of.
  • Often the jobs I work on take longer than expected. However, sometimes jobs go quicker than expected. If I finish a job before the supplies for the Rush job arrive, then I go onto the next job and the Rush job is bumped back until I finish that job. This is why it is important that we have the fabrics and supplies on hand well in advance of when we'll be doing the Rush job.

  • I'm often booked out two or three months. I rarely give completion dates because each job is different and many of the jobs I do require a complete rebuilding, which takes much time.
  • If a job needs to be done by a particular date, and I have to interrupt a job to do that, then there will be a Super RUSH FEE to pay for all the extra time and work involved.


I don't order supplies without a deposit. I need all those supplies here and ready to days in advance of when I can work your job in. If you wait to get the deposits to me and then I also have to order the supplies, that can be a challenge to get your job done in time. Once your supplies get to me I may have just started or am in the middle of a job. Then, unless you are willing to pay a super rush fee, your job will just have to wait until the job I'm working on is finished, which would be a few days or a week or longer.