Is It Worth Reupholstering?

One spoken or unspoken question that is often asked (to oneself or to the upholsterer) is, "Is my sofa or chair worth recovering?" Often times it seems like the cost of reupholstery is as much as to buy a new piece of furniture. That question is quite revelant.

You need to establish what you are comparing the cost of upholster to. The cost to reupholster furniture is comparable to middle range new furniture, but the result of the reupholstery job is often comparable to high end furniture. You get a better quality of furniture when you reupholster than you do for the same cost when buying new furniture

Here are some relevant points,

  • Extending Your Furniture's Life: Upholstery allows you to keep and extend the life of your beloved furniture for a number of years.
  • Foam Cushions: If your furniture needs new foam, we can help you try out and choose the right firmness of a high quality foam.
  • Huge Choice of Fabrics: When you have something upholstered, you have a choice of many thousands of colors, patterns, textures of fabrics.
  • Your Furniture: Your current furniture is a known quantity. You have posibly lived with it for a number of years.
  • Upholstery a Better Value: Much of the average quality of upholstered furniture in the past is of a equal or higher quality as the high end furniture of today.
    • The frames were make with a thicker and better quality of hardwood.
    • Much of the older furniture had hand tied springs, or a pre-wired spring unit.
  • You know what you have. You have lived with your furniture for years.
  • We can customize your furniture. If there is anythin that you don't like about your furniture, we can often alter or redesign your furniture into what you desire.
    • We can change the style and shape of
      • The arms: We can change the style of the arms. Add more padding.
      • The wings: We can add, or remover, or reshape wings.
      • the skirt: We can add or remove skirts. We can change the skirt style. We can make the skirt shorter or longer.
      • The cushions: We can make the cushions harder or softer, thicker or thinner. We can change the style of the cushions. We can often make the attached cushion into a loose cushion or make the loose cushion into a solid seat or an attached pillow.
  • Many times the furniture fits a specific purpose, or it is just the right size for its current location.

New Furniture

Depending upon the quality of the furniture, new upholstered furniture frames can be made out of a combination of particle board, plastic, plywood, softwoods. Higher end furniture can be made out of hardwood.

A few years ago I repaired an Italian Leather sofa. As I repaired the sofa frame, I noticed that about 80-90% of the frame was made out of particle board. It only had solid wood in a few key areas.

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