Using Recycled Fabrics

Sometimes a client will ask us if we can use some old fabric that was previously used for something else. The fabric may have been used for draperies, curtains, bedspreads, slipcovers, etc. It often comes to us wrinkled, very soft and relaxed, soiled, in odd shaped pieces,etc.

By comparison, when we receive fabric from our wholesale supplies it comes neatly rolled up. It is neat, clean, free of wrinkles. The sides are straight and even. When we do a fabric layout, the pieces fit neatly within in the given sizes. It is much quicker and easier to use new fabrics.

Compare that to using recycled fabrics. The fabric often has to be:

  • taken apart at the seams
  • all the seams picked free of loose threads.
  • the seams ironed flat.
  • the fabric ironed
  • many fabrics are very limp and may need to be starched or otherwise stiffened so that our heavy sewing machines can sew it.
  • has a lot of odd shaped pieces that we have to work around.

Our heavy duty sewing machines are better equipped to sew heavier fabrics that has a certain amount of stiffness to it. It doesn't sew limp and flimsy (or very worn) fabrics very well.

When we work with recycled fabrics we charge the standard COM fee, plus a sizeable additional fee for working with recycled fabrics. Unless there is a good or special reason (i.e. sentimental, historic, to match other furniture or draperies in the house) to use recycled fabrics we recommend using new fabrics for your job. You won't save any money by using recycled fabrics.