How to Get An Estimate

 You have several options to obtain an estimate: look at the Upholstery Labor Price Page, or bring the furniture to us, or email pictures of the furniture, or look at the pictures available on the Upholstery Pricing Option page and send or tell us the picture number. 

To obtain an estimate, the best way to get an estimate is to bring all the pieces of the furniture into our shop. If you have fabric, bring that also.

Please do not post a message to this website to get an estimate, but you can send us a message through the "Contact Us" link. However the Contact Us link doesn't allow you to send pictures.. 

The second best way is to email us pictures of the furniture. (See these instructions for taking pictures.) You can send your email to: winterssewing (at) (use regular email format for the email address.)

What we require:

When you request an estimate, we require the following:

  1. Your contact information
    1. Your first and last name
    2. Your phone number (we send most of our estimates by email and then call you to let you know that we sent it.)
    3. Your city (to verify that you are local)
    4. Your email address.

Why do we need this information?

If all you need is a quick idea of an approximate cost, then go to our Upholstery Labor Prices page, you won't need to give us any information about yourself. By contrast, when you request a estimate for your particular furniture, you are requesting some of our limited time. When we give an detailed estimate it can take anywheres from 30 minutes to an an hour, sometimes two hours, to think out just what all may be needed for your particular piece of furniture and to create the estimate. Among the other reasons, when we spend this amount of time on your behalf, we like to know who you are. (Note: we never sell your information or try to sell you anything, unless you request it.)

We receive many requests for estimates. Some come from local people and some come from a distant location, even as far as the East coast. With the advent of the cell phone and people being able to take their phone numbers with them, the area codes give no clue as to the client's actual location.

We also receive some suspicious requests. Whenever we have a question about the integrity of the request, or that the estimate came from a real person, we like to have the ability to verify it.

We also need

We need several clear well-lighted pictures of your furniture, taken from different angles. For more information about taking the pictures, go here: Taking Pictures for an estimate.

In addition to the pictures, write out anything/everything that we need to know about, such as:

  • Is the frame solid or wobbly. Does the frame squeak

  • What type of springs/support does it have in the seat: Arc springs, hand tied springs, plain webbing with padding on top , a Cone spring, or another type?

  • Do the springs squeak or make any other noises when you sit in the chair.

  • Is the cushion filling (foam, springs, etc.) in good shape or does it need to be replaced?


Occassionally a client will have started the project herself, and then decide to let us cover the furniture instead. If this is the case with you and you have taken the old cover off the chair, then:

  1. Normally, when people ask for an estimate, they have not tore the chair apart, the only picture I would need then would be of the chair (and the fabric.) But when the chair has been dissassembled, I often can’t see the chair style just by looking at pictures of the frame, so I need additional pictures:

  2. If possible, send pictures of the furniture

    • as it was before it was tore apart,

    • The frame as it now sits

    • Lay out all the old cover, and the padding, so that we can see all the various pieces

    • Roll out the fabric, take pictures of the full width, as well as a close up version about 20 X 20.


Or call, Stephen and Emmy  Winters Sewing in Independence, Oregon at 503-838-4999