Rough Estimates (for modern Furniture)

The Slipcover labor chart gives a rough estimate for various types and styles of furniture. These Labor prices* and yardage amounts* are estimated, based upon:

The original text of this article was take from an email that we wrote to a client. This article still has to be edited and rewritten, but (hopefully) that will come another day. In the meantime this will give you a little idea about the process of ordering a slipcover.

Requesting an Estimate

One of the best ways to obtain an estimate for the slipcover is to bring the furniture to my shop so that I can take pictures and measurements. However, that is comberson for the client. So I do most of my estimates from pictures that clients sent to me.

Our slipcovers are custom made to fit your specific furniture. The price of slipcover prices vary quite a bit, depending upon the style of furniture, the style of slipcover that you want, the fabric you choose, and whether or not we have to do pattern matching. Here is a link to our slipcover labor price page