Finishing Jobs From Other Upholstery Shops

In this life many unexpected and unplanned things happen. For example, sometimes a client might take a piece of furniture into one upholstery shop and find out that some unplanned event happened. Maybe the upholster became too sick to finish the job. At other times, the client may want the job done before an upholsterer can finish the job. For whatever reason, on occasion a client may bring a job to us that was started by another upholsterer and want us to finish it.

In the client's mind he or she has already paid for the amount of work that has already been "finished." However, upholsterers do not all have the same quality of workmanship. A professional who specializes in doing high quality work will not finish a job that was started by an inexperienced worker. The professional will often need to fix or completely redo the improperly done work.

Quality Upholstery Takes Time and Experience

Upholstery is one profession that people can get into with little or no training. I know, that is how my parents and I started into the upholstery business. In 1966 my dad just bought an upholstery sewing machine, some tools, some rolls of fabric, rented a small tin business building and we started into the upholstery business. In the beginning we worked cheap, did work for poor people who were thankful just to get a new cover on their threadbare and ragged furniture. They had very few expectation, just put a new cover on their old furniture.

At that time we didn't know much about upholster, except, take the old cover off, put the new cover on. Our quality wasn't very good, and I'm sure that we didn't 'do a very good job very springs or frames. But we did the best we knew how.

Over a period of many years we all learned to do a better and better quality of work. We learned how to tie springs properly. We learned how to apply the webbing tightly, Using jute spring twine, we learned to tie the springs so that they were flat and tight. We learned how to repair the furniture frames, how to put new support linings to better support the padding.

No Official Upholstery Standards

Since there are no official standards to the upholstery trade, different upholsterers are at a wide variance as to the abilities and skill levels. Some amatuer or beginning upholsterers do low quality work. Other upholsterers who have been in the trade for many years (hopefully) have a much higher skill lever and do much higher quality of work. Even with that, some people are more detail people, and others don't care about the "minor" details. All of this affects the quality of their work.

We Don't Give Discounts on Partially Done Furniture

When a client wants us to "give them a discount" we are just finishing a job that someone else has started, that means that we  have to:

  • finish a piece that has often inferior quality OR
  • redo potentially a lot of work to bring it up to our standard of quality. In this case, we may need to charge extra because of all the extra work that is needed.

In conclusion, unless the work that has already done meets our strict quality guidelines, we do not give discounts for a job that has been started by someone else, amatuer or professional. Sometimes we may need to charge extra because some, or all, of the work may need to be redone.